Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update 4/26/11

Sadly, today's update is not as optimistic.  We had our regular two week ultrasound and received bad news.  Sticky's kidneys are HUGE!  The doctor said they should be one-fourth the size that they are now.  They are so big that they are starting to put pressure on his lungs.  In fact, they saw fluid in his lungs, which is not good.  Also, his amniotic fluid is down to 5 (should be between 10 and 20).  This means that his kidneys are not functioning well and Sticky is not "peeing" like we all hoped he would continue to do.  After my appointment I was admitted to the hospital and am on a hydrating IV for 12 hours.  They are hoping this will help to up my amniotic fluid.  I will have another ultrasound in the morning to see if it is helping.  We will also be meeting with neonatal doctors to discuss various options.  I was given a steroid shot to help with his lung development (in case I had to deliver early).  I am not currently at risk for pre-term labor, which is VERY good news.  We need Sticky to stay in as long as possible to help with lung development and because he will need to be at least six pounds to receive dialysis (he is currently 2 lbs and 4 ounces).  We are now playing the major waiting game.  We want him to stay in as long as possible, but if his kidneys keep growing like they are now, they may compromise his other organs.  Very fine balance.  I guess my prayers will now include "Pee, Sticky, Pee" and "Kidney growth level out!" 

Also, I talked to the doctor about amnio infusions (where they insert saline into the uterus).  The doctors do not think this is a good choice at this point.  The risks of infection and rupturing the membranes outweigh any benefit it would provide. 

Hoping to get some good news in the morning.  I will update again.

Also, no new pictures of Sticky.  Unfortunately low amniotic fluid makes picture taking very difficult.  However, here are two pictures of me and Jon "enjoying" our hospital stay!  The nurse and I are going to try and get Jon in a hospital gown later on for a nice photo op! 

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and positive thoughts!  We are going to do everything we can to bring this little guy home. 

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