Tuesday, April 12, 2011

OB Appointment 4/12/11

Sticky had another ultrasound today and it went well!  I have been praying that we don't get any additional bad news, and we didn't! 

Overall, Sticky's condition seems stable.  His kidneys are obviously still enlarged and echogenic, but there is some function because he continues to produce amniotic fluid.  The tech measured around 10.5 which is within the normal limits (although toward the lower end).  She also saw his bladder fill up, which is a good thing!  All the "pee, Sticky pee!" prayers are working. :-)

The edema was still present in his abdomen, under his skin around his heart.  However, it did not seem to have gotten any worse from last time.  The tech said she could barely see any fluid around the heart!  Typically, edema can be an indicator of heart failure.  However, in our case it is most likely linked to his kidneys not working properly so Sticky is storing excess water in these places.  When I asked what this means for after he is born, she mentioned dialysis and eventual transplant (these are options I understand and am prepared to face). Hopefully his heart will not be compromised!  We just need his kidneys to keep functioning well enough while in utero so he keeps producing amniotic fluid so his lungs can fully develop. 

Other than that, he was being very cute today.  I hated that Jon wasn't able to be there.  I saw the most adorable yawn. He was moving his hands all around and wiggling his fingers.  The tech made a comment about how long his fingers are (Jon will be delighted to know this...better for catching footballs!)  However, he was being his camera-shy self, but I got a couple of shots that I'll post below.

Next appointment is Friday - it is our follow-up echo.  Luckily Jon will be at that one.  Thank you for all of your continued prayers and/or positive thoughts.  Sticky feels very loved! 

Profile - 23 weeks, 2 days

Crazy face-on with arm by his head

He has five toes!


  1. Sticky is a cutie. So very thankful for good news!

  2. Thanks, us too! Hope it continues!

  3. Glad to hear the no news = good news!!! The pictures are sooo sweet!!!!