Friday, April 15, 2011

Fetal Echocardiogram - 04/15/11

We had our echo today and it went very well!  We really like the ultrasound techs and doctors at this practice.  They are so nice and comforting!

Anyhow, Sticky's heart is of normal size and function.  Also, no thickened heart wall like my other doctor suggested!  There is still fluid around the heart but it is remaining trivial.  Also, there is a mild pulmonary valve leak, but the doctor did not seem very concerned by it at this point.  I go back in three weeks for another echo to keep monitoring everything. 

I've been praying hard for no new bad news and it seems those prayers are being answered! Thank you for your continued support, positive thoughts and prayers.  Sticky, Jon and I appreciate them very much!

I'm posting two new pictures below.  The ultrasound tech (who has 35 years of experience) gave us her professional opinion about who Sticky looks like...she said Jon!  We can't wait to meet our Jon Mini-Me :-)

Front Face View


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