Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ultrasound Results - Some good news!!

Thank you SOOO much for your prayers, because God answered them this morning!  The IV seemed to help.  My amniotic fluid level is now 7.8 (I round that up to 8!)  The tech said his kidneys are still functioning somewhat, but that she could see mild urine back-up.  I like the word mild!  She also could see the bladder and it had a little urine in it.  She said his bladder wasn't distended, so that is also good news.  His kidneys are a whopping 6 cm! (average adult kidneys range from 8-12 cm)  Please pray that his kidneys simply STOP growing, but keep functioning.

There was enough fluid to actually see Sticky today.  He sure is cute!  Sorry no new pics.  But he still looks just like his daddy (the tech agreed wholeheartedly!)

Next step is to meet with the doctors about the results and monitor sticky for an hour.  Hoping I can leave today, because I'm badly missing three adorable dogs! 

Thank you for your continued prayers and/or positive thoughts!!

Jon went home to let the pups out and sent me some cute pictures!  I can't wait to see them (hopefully soon!)
This is Bolt's "I want a treat face!"

I think Coco is finishing off her treat and of course Tank is missing Mommy in the background!


  1. Will pray specifically that Sticky's kidneys stop growing, but keep functioning! New prayers on the way.

  2. I'll be thinking of you Lauren and praying that your little boy gets better. You have always had infectious optimism, so I hope all of those positive thoughts keep things moving in a positive way!