Sunday, July 17, 2011

Getting closer...

Apparently Sticky is ready to meet the world.  I have been having contractions (ouch!!) since late Friday night.  During the night they got to be only five minutes apart and were quite strong, so I called my doctor the next morning (by this time they were more like 15 minutes apart).  He told me to go to the hospital to check things (better safe than sorry!)  Luckily, I'm still in the early stages of labor, so we were able to be sent home after an hour of monitoring.  By the way, after looking at Sticky's non-stress test, the nurse said that she couldn't have asked for a "prettier output!" He's such a good boy!   

Well, it is now Sunday and I'm still having contractions, but we (fortunately) continue to be outside the 3-5 minute range. It is possible that I'll just continue on like this until Wednesday, but my mom decided to go ahead and fly down just in case Sticky wants to come early. 

I also got a very sweet surprise from Jon and Sticky - a "push" present!  It is a beautiful silver necklace with heart inside a heart.  The little heart is to represent that sweet Pher (our first baby) is a part of Sticky.  On the back Jon had Sticky's initials engraved.  It is so perfect!

So, thank you for your continued prayers and positive thoughts. We really appreciate them all SO much! 

Sweet Push Present!


  1. Oh boy...almost there! It's like Sticky knows he's supposed to arrive this week! Thinking of you guys!

  2. I was thinking something must be happening. My thoughts are with you, Jon and Sticky! Jon could not have gotten a more beautiful gift! You are surrounded by love my friend