Friday, June 3, 2011

Sticky Update

Sticky had his two ultrasounds this week and everything was pretty much the same (which we love to hear!)  His kidneys are now measuring 10 cm each, eeek!  However, he is moving all around and practicing breathing.  Today he had the hiccups during the ultrasound and it was super cute.

On Tuesday the doctor talked a little bit about Sticky's nephrectomy and how a urologist at All Children's would be the one to do it.  So, today I asked the nurse for the urologist's information and scheduled a consult with him for June 15th.  Apparently I'm becoming known as the patient who asks a lot of questions, but I don't care!  I want to have ALL the information that I can.  Jon joked that I would coordinate the surgery if they let me :-)

Other than that, my glucose levels and blood pressure levels are excellent, so I'm feeling good about Sticky staying put until week 37 or 38.

Thank you for the continued prayers and/or positive thoughts.  We appreciate them!


  1. Lauren,

    I'm happy to see this update for two reasons:
    1. Sticky had the hiccups! That's awesome!
    2. I'm glad to hear that you're asking a lot of questions. It'll keep all the specialists on their toes, ready to provide you guys with the best help they can!

    Sticky: Keep peeing, breathing, moving around, hiccuping, and generally, keep being awesome!

  2. Thanks, Andy!! Sticky is pretty awesome :)

    I hope your little bean is doing well. Hugs to you and Katie!