Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fetal ECHO - June 9, 2011

Thank you for your good thoughts to me and Sticky.  The appointment went well (although it was 1.5 hours of scanning!) His heart seems stable, which is great news.  Function is good, no fluid to make a fuss over and just slightly enlarged.  They didn't see any ascites (fluid in the abdomen) either, so that's good news.  He still has the scalp edema, but they aren't worried about it.  They were a bit shocked by how big his kidneys are (they really do look impressive on the ultrasound).  All the cardiology ladies are so sweet and supportive and really cheering for Sticky, so I actually enjoy my appointments there! 

Apparently Sticky has a big head - it was measuring at 35 weeks!  When I told Jon he said his whole family has a big head and that his hats would "swallow" a normal person's  head, ha!  Apparently my dad has a big head too and in high school they couldn't find a football helmet big enough for him.  Considering that a lot of PKD moms worry about their baby's head being too small, I'll take a big head any day!  They got a weight estimate and it was over 7 lbs!!  Of course, a large chunk of this is due to those enormous kidneys, but we've surpassed the 6lb needed to dialysis, so I'm happy about that!

Thank you SOO much for the continued prayers and/or positive thoughts!! 

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