Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ultrasound May 9th, 2011 and Amazing Nephrologist

I guess I will be updating a lot from now on considering I have three apointments (two U/S and one ECHO) per week! 

Monday's appointment was fine.  Sticky miraculously still has a little fluid!  We are very thankful for that. His poor kidneys are still growing and are now 7-8 cm each (adult-sized).  Poor guy!  Please pray that his kidney growth stops. They are so big! 

Also, I have been in contact with an AMAZING pediatric nephrologist in a different state.  He was recommended to me by someone I met through a PKD support group.  He has worked on many cases of ARPKD and severe ADPKD (like Sticky).  I often ask God to give me some reassurance that everything will be okay, and I believe this Doctor's email is God's answer. 

I will not relay our whole conversation, but here are the highlights:

The fact that I have any amniotic fluid gives rise to some hope that pulmonary hypoplasia (the dreaded, serious lung complication) may be avoided.  He also said they have accumulated a number of cases of infants with ARPKD and severe ADPKD who were in utero with NO amniotic fluid during the entire third trimester who are born viable (though ill).  He said there is a unique relationship between growth factors paradoxically produced by PKD kidneys that promote lung development in a manner which hasn't been identified yet. Finally, he said that they have seen ARPKD children with 12-13 cm kidneys bilaterally at birth, with adequate pulmonary function in room air!

We just need Sticky to stay in my belly for another 8-10 weeks!  Please keep those prayers coming!  We will not give up on our little fighter.


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