Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fetal ECHO - May 26, 2011

Overall, today's appointment was pretty good.  Sticky's heart is not looking as good as it did two weeks ago.  I'm thinking the "improvement" last time had  more to do with the sonographer than his actual heart.  However, with that said...his heart does not look any worse - very good news!  There are some issues, but the function is great.  Most likely these issues will easily resolve once he's born and gets those kidneys out of there.  Sticky doesn't need to get another ECHO for two weeks, which is a good thing.  Especially since today they collected a $25 co-pay.  This is the first time they've done that, so I'm worried I might be getting a back-bill for all these ECHOs (yikes!) 

Also, I think I've mentioned before about how the children's hospital has a monthly conference where all the specialists discuss unique cases.  Well, the sonographer had attended the last meeting (last Thursday), so she was telling me about it.  She said that Sticky's case was discussed, so everyone is paying close attention to him.  She said that the nephrologist seems very optimistic about what all can be done for him after birth (apparently they are all happy I kept my amniotic fluid so long). She also said that there is going to be a special meeting just about Sticky.  The perinatologists, the nephrologists, the urologists, the cardiologists and the neonatologists will be discussing a delivery plan and they will all be there ready to go once Sticky is born.  This was the BEST news ever.  I'm happy to know that they are planning to do whatever they can to help our little miracle.  He's definitely got a good team behind him 

So thank you for your continued prayers and/or positive thoughts!  We really, really appreciate them!

Here's a picture of our little guy's face.  Hard to see much without any fluid, but I think he looks super cute!

29 weeks, 4 days


  1. Oh what great news that they will all be standing by and "at the ready" when Sticky makes his grand entrance. He's famous already:)

  2. LOL - said the same things about him being "famous!" :-)