Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Seven Months

I'm trying to update the blog monthly with pictures.  Time goes by so fast!  Tate is doing well.  He's sitting up on his own for brief stints of time and rolling around like crazy.  We think crawling won't be too long now.  I guess it is time to baby-proof the house!

The Symmes Boys
7 months! My shirt says "I wuz worth it" - that's the truth!

Playing piano with Gigi

I've started solids.  So far there hasn't been one fruit or veggie that I don't like. 

Love my daddy!

"Exersaucering" is fun!

What's in this sippy cup?

No one can resist a baby in a hat!

I love my Nanny!

I need a bigger playmat!

Still love my Bunny FooFoo

Swinging! (I mainly just like looking at the big kids)

Gigi and Grandy visiting Rex's tree!

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