Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Eight and Nine Months!

Well, I missed the 8 month this will be a combination.  I cannot believe Tate is 9 months old.  It's going by so quickly.  He is doing well and turning into a little wild man!  While he's not technically crawling, he can get places with scooting and rolling.  He is very curious and likes to get his hands on anything and everything.  Poor guy has been teething for the longest time, but still no sign of a tooth!  Overall, he is a very happy guy (unless we are trying to get him to nap).  Everyone he meets comments on happy and sweet he is - we are lucky!

Here are some pictures from the two months.  
I love bouncing! (and looking at ceiling fans)

Hanging with Uncle Matt

At my first Rays Game with the Symmes Men

Loving on my Uncle Mark

Eight month picture (it's getting difficult to get a still shot)

Love these fruit pouches!

Making music

I love eating

I love reading!

I love chewing on things

And I love being adorable

Playing with daddy

Nine months!!  

I like to sleep in two beds simultaneously!

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  1. He certainly has no trouble being adorable. I can't believe he is 9 months. Where does the time go.