Friday, March 29, 2013

Six months

Here are some recent pictures of Tate, including some from our trip home to NC.

I'm six months old! 
Hanging with B-Diddy :) 


Sitting and Playing

Exersaucer time

My new favorite toy - my foot!

Meeting my great-grandmother Highfill

I'm drooling with excitement!

Contrary to how I look in this pic, I was excited to meet my great-grandmother Winfree.

My great uncle Keith!

North Carolina is cold - I had to wear a toboggan!

I love my Uncle Matt

Me and my buddies on the plane.  

Playing with my great Aunt Rene

I can sit like a big boy in my stroller!

Lots of kisses from Smiddy

A new toy!

Teething time!

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