Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday - Update

Several folks have asked that I post updates, so here goes...  I will try to update every day!  I hope the updates will be mainly boring :-)

First of all - thank you so much for all of the well wishes, positive thoughts and prayers!  We cannot express enough how much they mean to us.  Boogie, Jon and I feel so loved and it really does help - thank you!

Let's see.  Bedrest seems to be keeping the leaking at a minimum.  I hate thinking about the fact that I taught my 3 hour class (standing) Wednesday afternoon after my water broke!  There are no plans to have another ultrasound (I find everyone is quite stingy with those...maybe an insurance thing?).  Without an ultrasound I won't know if his amniotic fluid pockets are increasing.  I'm maintaining  a positive outlook and imagine they are increasing.  I stay super hydrated and so he has to have something in there!

Other than that, I'm feeling alright.  I have these compression things on my legs to ward off blood clots.  It feels like a mini-massage, so that's nice.  I am still getting antibiotics every 4 hours.  Plus they check me for signs of infection throughout the day.  Last night was a little stressful.  When I was hooked up to the monitor because I was having Braxton Hicks contractions, Boogie was looking perfect on the monitor and then flat-lined!  Scared me to death and I called the nurse (who was already on her way).  The little trickster just moved out of the way so he wasn't being picked up on the monitor.  He about gave me a heart attack!  The good news is that while I have uterine irritability from time to time, I have no regular contractions at this point.    If I were to start contracting, I'd have an emergency c-section.  They would not try to stop the contractions since they are a sign of infection.  So praying and hoping we stay stable - every day counts.  No scheduled c-section yet.  Our best guess is it will be Monday.  I'll reach 34 weeks on Saturday, but they won't schedule a c-section on the weekend - fine by him a few more days.

My mom arrived last night and is keeping me company while Jon is at work.  I am going to send her out later to pick up some foods that are supposed to help fight infection (i.e. cranberry juice, yogurt, etc.).  I guess her task for later this week is to start getting Boogie's room ready!

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