Saturday, September 22, 2012

34 weeks is here!

We've reached 34 weeks. Very happy about that! Thursday night and Friday morning were tough. I was having painful contractions about every 10 mins. I was monitored for hours and not allowed to eat or drink, in case we delivered. I did get some morphine, but it didn't help. The doctor checked things around 2 and found I wasn't dilating. It was the best news! I came off the monitor and was able to eat and drink. By last night I was barely contracting and felt 100 times better. I've been very vigilant about staying hydrated, which I think is helping. I even requested to have a hydrating IV over night for a little extra boost. The doctor was a little hesitant, but eventually allowed it. Considering I usually ask for extra monitoring too, I think I'm probably known as the overly cautious or high maintenance patient! Oh well, I can't be too careful for our sweet Boogie. I'm feeling good today, just trying to rest up for the big day. I hope Boogie is snuggled in until Monday. Perhaps Jon I should tell him a little bit about what to expect on Monday. :) As always, thank you for the continued support, positive thoughts, and prayers. They are working!

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